Thursday, January 29, 2009


This little guy has been smiling a bunch recently, and we can't get enough of it!! It's the sweetest thing. So if you ever are wondering what I am up to, take a look at this pic and you'll know what I do all day. He's five weeks, and we saw his first responsive smile around three weeks! He's quite the smiley little man.

The bottom pic is Bug recent accident with a chair. He's such a bruiser and it's very hard on mama! We thought he might have broken his nose on this one, and he's not even two! Thankfully he didn't.
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bethany said...

pretty cute!! :) first smiles are so fun.

Andy said...

Oh, he is just so sweet. Hope you are all doing well. We'd love to see you guys soon if you are up for it.

MotherGeese said...

so cute! love the little hat!

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