Monday, July 28, 2008

Soule Mama interview and Book Giveaway!

On Simple Mom there is an interview with the fabulous Soule Mama and a book giveaway of her book The Creative Family!!

Check it out

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Luck Charm

My husband is an excellent four-leafed clover finder. On numerous occasions, he sits down at a park and declares, "I'm going to find a four-leafed clover." And within ten minutes, he does. He also is an amazing "finder" in general but today we will focus on his unique clover finding abilities. I have not ever found one. Not one four-leafed clover for me. None! I can get frustrated when I am in the company of an exquisite clover finder, but recently I have decided to enjoy his talent instead.

Yesterday we went to the park, and while the kids attack the play structure, I suggested we swing together, but he, spying the lovely clover patch, decided to look for the mutant clover. This time, not joking, he found one within his first minute! I have it pressed in my wallet. I think it's really a phenomenon. Really. His skills are unparalleled. For my birthday during the first year of our marriage, he took me on a picnic and we sat on a hill in a field of clover, and there within in 30 minutes, he found me TWO clovers with the mutant gene of four leaves. I have those too. Apparently his skills have been fine tuning over the years. I didn't realize that this skill increased in ability, but it does. Here's to my good luck charm and his wonderful finding abilities.

Anyone one else good at finding four-leafed clovers?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Update or Two

So I continue to be on the loose and refuse to update my blog, for whatever reason, and today out of the blue I'm going to say hello again. I can't say that I'm steady and back on the blog bandwagon. I'm just here today and we'll see about tomorrow. How's that for commitment?! I know no one reads this anymore anyways so really I'm talking to myself. P you is funny!!

Littlest cutest darlingest number three is on the way. Getting more active everyday. Loving being pregnant again and anticipating another "bundle of joy" or sometimes a "bundle of tears". The newest addition to our clan is due out in December. I love this little one so much already.

Tonight I have decided that I am going to:

wash my sheets
put clean sheets on bed
wash feet
lounge in bed and love the feeling of clean feet on clean sheets

Oh, and The Chickens are gone. It's a long story, but can be summed up in the statement, "They ate their own eggs!" They are gone, and right now I might postpone getting new feathered friends for a little bit. I'm enjoying a yard free of chicken poop, and letting the kids run loose in the back yard without worrying whether they are tormenting the chickens.

I've been trying to read more recently, so today I picked up two books that have been sitting around the house from the library, Geek Love and The Poisonwood Bible. I'm biding my time till The History of Love gets in. Geek Love is one of the wierdest books I've picked up, incredibly dark and comical, and I don't think I have the stomach to finish it. Here's the premis and the beginning of the book. The premis is two carnies, as in Carnival People, get married and decide to breed their own freak show by having the woman take different drugs like cocaine and overdoses of prescription drugs while pregnant. They have a few children one called waterboy, siamese twins, albino hunchback midget, and a son called chick- they've yet to explain that one. The book start with the parents describing how they met which involves the mom killing chickens with her teeth for a carnival act. GROSS!!! It's beyond strange. I'm curious which some of you may worry about me, but I have to say no. The Poisonwood Bible I have yet to really get into and decide if I like. It seems sort of interesting.

Great Parenting Book- Read ALoud Handbook by Jim Trelease

With all that being said-