Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Luck Charm

My husband is an excellent four-leafed clover finder. On numerous occasions, he sits down at a park and declares, "I'm going to find a four-leafed clover." And within ten minutes, he does. He also is an amazing "finder" in general but today we will focus on his unique clover finding abilities. I have not ever found one. Not one four-leafed clover for me. None! I can get frustrated when I am in the company of an exquisite clover finder, but recently I have decided to enjoy his talent instead.

Yesterday we went to the park, and while the kids attack the play structure, I suggested we swing together, but he, spying the lovely clover patch, decided to look for the mutant clover. This time, not joking, he found one within his first minute! I have it pressed in my wallet. I think it's really a phenomenon. Really. His skills are unparalleled. For my birthday during the first year of our marriage, he took me on a picnic and we sat on a hill in a field of clover, and there within in 30 minutes, he found me TWO clovers with the mutant gene of four leaves. I have those too. Apparently his skills have been fine tuning over the years. I didn't realize that this skill increased in ability, but it does. Here's to my good luck charm and his wonderful finding abilities.

Anyone one else good at finding four-leafed clovers?

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