Sunday, August 24, 2008

40 day Blogging Hiatus

Letting you know I will not be around for a while, 40 days to be exact. I will return though. Come check my page out in October, it'll back in action full swing. We're taking a media break, hoping to think on other things besides internet and movies. I did leave you with some new posts though, three posted today, enjoy! Be back soon.

Oh, yes and this is a pic of two sumo wrestlers holding babies for a crying competition.

What happened today?

Where did my sweet little boy go? Today was a new day. The tables have turned. Bug, my cuddly 18 month old, has taken over the territory his sister, lil' b, used to hold. Household terror, I mean, Cute Mess Maker, as we like to call it.

Today started out a little usual with lil'b fighting off some sickness, and Bug and I locked indoors to help take care of her. The day must have gotten to him, because around 11am, after sitting with lil'b and taking her temperature, I realized Bug was missing. I found him in the kitchen, with a chair up to the counter, slathering butter and jam on his arms. Not little bits, gobs of butter and jam. Until now he hasn't been prone to this level of mischief or curiosity. It was shocking and quite a mess, but things happen in the toddler years and you clean em' up and move on, or so I thought.

As the day went on, Lil'B proceeded to get more demanding and moody, taking up most of my attention. So between me running between the kitchen to cook and nursing sick daughter, Bug found his way into another round of naughtiness, dish detergent. I had loaded the dishwasher, and somehow in between my rounds of the house, Bug had found it and stuck it off to the room with his sister, while I returned to the kitchen to cook.?!! How this happened, I do not know. Our house is quite small, it's embarrassing really that he made it past me, the mama patrol. I located him sitting on our futon, pouring soap all over the futon and his sister's blanket, and rolling it with the rolling pin he had also looted. Lil'B, laying right next to him, had said nothing, even till this point!! Obviously showing how sick she was because she is usually my junior patrol. If Bug is spotted getting into anything, she always sounds the alarm. She just laid there and let her brother dump dish detergent on her!! Can this be my night? Really. I felt furious not knowing who to be mad at: he's 1, she's delirious, and I am the one in charge. Thankfully, I did act quickly and take some pictures, because even as frustrating as this moment was then, I knew I might laugh someday and want pictures. So here you see the little culprit below, fully in action.
Where has all the innocence gone? My sweet little one, we have turned a new leaf. You were more a boy today than you have ever been. Life was just getting a little quieter around the house as Lil'B started to slow down, and now you have just run right up into her spot.

I have a feeling our house will not be insanity free for quite sometime. It can be maddening, but it also is an amazing time. Childhood is a wild ride. All that crazy curiosity can be scary at times, but it also is so fun to watch their mental development, and to see that curiosity spring up. You have to enjoy it all. They are only little once, right?
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Beach Fun 08

This was our first time to the coast as a family. All of us have been there over the last two years, except bug, but not all together! We couldn't have picked a better day. It was fantastic!! Very warm, just a light breeze, spots of clouds, we had a blast. We also were able to save a crab being attacked by seagulls. Which was especially fun because one of our favorite books to read to Lil' B right now is Kermit the Hermit, so she felt like she had saved Kermit. It's a fanstatic kid's book, if you want to check it out.

B loves finding things and spent most of his time scouring the beach for treasure, and I love just walking along the sand, stepping in each other's footprints, and laying in the sun. The kids loved throwing rocks, running from the ocean water, and digging.

Sadly, this concludes our summer fun, because B will return to work on Monday.

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Introducing Baby #3

Yep, I'm pregnant. Here's the evidence: the rounding middle(everything between my shoulders to hips keeps GROWING!!!!! make it stop! No, must grow for healthy baby, I tell myself. Glad I talked myself through that one.) We went to the beach the other day, post to follow, and lover boy took some pictures of me.

Just the pea in the pod. Six months and getting bigger!

The mama.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Crochet Baby Sweater Complete!!

The pics didn't turn out great, but I love it and am very happy with how it all turned out.
I will definitely be making more, although due to jealous issues between prince charming and my crochet hook, probably will be a while. The hubby definitely got a little sick of the incessant crocheting. I told him I was nesting and that it brought me closer to the babe, which helped and he thinks I'm cute. Bonus. Maybe it will fit our newest for the car ride home in December!!
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Keeping My Hands Busy-Crochet

I have been crocheting a lot recently. I thought I had given up, thrown in my hat, and decided that I'm no good. But some strange spur of crochet deliverance has happened recently and I've just been a happy little crocheter as of late. This is a different feeling than I had before about crochet, if you were wondering. The first item was a birthday gift for my good Miss Melanie. I was shocked at how this came out. It looks pretty decent, if I do say so myself. Shocking, I know. I even lined the purse and made fabric buttons!

My latest project is a baby sweater. I nervously admit that I am trying to make a baby sweater because I really don't know how it's going to turn out. This could be my crochet demise or my crochet revolution. I'll keep you updated. Here's some pics of how it's coming along.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


These are some pics from a romp in our front yard one fine summer evening. The lighting was so beautiful, but kids will be kids. Tthey seemed to be uninterested in the fact that this was momma's perfect chance to take some pictures, but I fought them for a few. Lil' B was way too Mary Catherine Gallagher for me that night, as you will see if a few pics. And Bug literally ran from the camera, so he's only in two. Then the last few are random pics from a photo class were I learned "panning", which was fun! Enjoy the heat!