Monday, October 22, 2007

Library Bums

We're library bums, and I'll admit it. I even thought about becoming a librarian, so ya , it's that bad. One of our favorite family hangouts is the library. Since moving to Portland, we've probably checked out books from 8-10 different library locations, but our favorite it the downtown library. It's a beautiful building with a great children's area, big selection of books, and incredible artwork. We frequent the Sellwood library almost weekly, but it's small and mostly we have books sent there. These photos were taken on my new CAMERA, while walking to the library. I'm still figuring out the camera, so excuse that the photos are out of focus and one's a little dark. But, do pay attention to the really cute dad, sporting his baby boy on his back, and playing with his little girl, with froggy rainboots.


bethany canfield said...

way cute. we are bums too. yes, also library bums..and i am a chocolate bum, brad is a book bum, oliver is a milk bum and jackson a coloring bum. bum,bum, bum!

Ellyn Canfield said...

ooh, a paris blog! hurrah!