Friday, February 15, 2008

Conversations with lil' b

After going to OMSI, pretending to be chipmunk in full costume, and gather nuts into a tree with other "chipmunks", lil'b told me that "chipmunks eat donuts." What? Is this really what she gets out of OMSI?

Today while getting ready for bed she told me that she want another girl, just like her, and she asks if I could "grow one in my body" for her. Nice. It was extremely cute and sweet, and also made me feel like she viewed me a baby making machine.

While sitting at the breakfast table, lil'b holds out an imaginary something close to my mouth, and says, "Here's Cheep." Thinking and not thinking much about it, I pretend to eat the imaginary something, then I glance over and notice the horrified look on my daughter's face. Quickly realizing that cheep meant chick, like little chicken, and I just "ate" it, I pretend to spit out the cheep. Then I say, "Where's the cheep?" She looks at me sort of irritated and disgusted and says..."In your mouth." Me, feeling rather low at this point, show her again how I can imagine to take the "cheep" out of my mouth, and I GENTLY put it back in her hand. She sort of agrees or puts up with my adult stupidity and walks away cupping her cheep. I imagine her thinking, "Well, I'm not giving you anything again."


Anonymous said...

Too funny. That girl of yours is amazing! I was so stoked to get a little 'lil B time in on Sunday...I'm glad she didn't tryto hand me "Cheep". I'm sure I would have eaten him(?) as well.


Brian said...

stinkin' belle. It's gotta be a riot sharing a house with that little one.

bethany said...

this is a good idea, i have had some good conversations with jackson lately that i'll have to put on our blog!

Thanks for the idea!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

ya, so anyway, Jordan Richter is the engineer that recorded the last caves album. He did it at supernatural where Bryson has been taking his Ninos. So anyway, I guess his wife is putting together some kind of 'hip mamas mothers day bash.'

You can see the details on her profile: