Monday, December 8, 2008

Making A Gingerbread House

We made out first gingerbread house over Thanksgiving break with Grandma Mern. It was so fun and adorable. It was just a kit, but still fun and really yummy(Trader Joe's rocks!! :).

These pics below are pictures of our Safari Hunt. It's a really fun game for the kids. You hide stuffed animals around the house, turn off all the lights, have the kids climb on Dad's back, give them each a flashlight, and you search for the animals. They had a blast, although Bug is still a little small to fit on Dad's back.


Andy said...

It looks fun and yummy!! Hope you guys are well.

MamaP said...

We are well! How about you guys?

It was yummy. We ate it that night instead of holding out till it gets crusty! Smart decision.