Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crafty Babies

Once a month, me and a few girlfriends of mine get together to craft. We crochet, knit, sew, play with pretty, paper, and mostly just talk and eat lots of naughty things. This last year the original group totaled six ladies, and three of them got knocked up in the same year! That's half the group. What I'm saying is, be careful about getting invited to one of these "crafty" times, because fertility must be in the air. Here are the boys of the crafty group. My little lion is in blue. All boys and all with in four weeks of each other. We had our first crafty time this last Sunday
with the newborns. It was a great time to be free from larger children and husbands, craft, nurse, laugh, and enjoy ourselves.
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Mallory said...

I am so bummed I missed this! Next time? Maybe I can bring a girl to sit in the middle of the boys?

MotherGeese said...

I love it.

MamaP said...

Mall- you so can bring your girl and join the gang!

Gina-we missed you, and sorry for the delayed answer, yes, I made the hats in the last post. I love them too!

Megan Malone said...

Oh goodness! i never got to see these pictures! our boys have gotten so big, and sigh I somewhat miss crafty sunday but sometimes don't. there was always a bit of chaos in the air. We'll have to do it agian soon though