Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm going to Eugene today to have girl time with one of my longtime best friends. I've been trying to get down there for a few weeks, because it was her birthday, my birthday, and both of our kids birthdays. But the weekend I was supposed to go our car broke down. CRAP! So we took it into the shop begrudgingly, and hoped for the best. Well, they said that we needed new spark plugs and wires, well we could fix those, but that really wasn't the problem. Then they told us that they didn't know what the problem was and we owed them fifty bucks for telling us that. Great. So I asked what we needed to do to figure it out, and they said we could leave our only car with them and they would drive it around till the car broke down again and then they Might have an idea about what was going on.

Ok, I'm really not that bitter at this situation. It's just life. But it's one of those frustrating situations like when you are really sick and you go to the doctor and they say that they can't help you, so you just return home sick and wait. I guess we have to learn to be our own doctors. So the car is driving but we can't take it out of town because it might just stop working anytime. I was so sad until me and my buddy worked out a plan.

Today I have her car from Eugene because I took her husband to the airport in their car and then I get to take it to Eugene to hang out with her then drive back, pick him up from the airport then he takes it back to Eugene. That's a mouthful. Still following? Well, it just means I get a night away, well with Bug, but that's a little break from two kids, and I get to be with Beta, my buddy.


bethany canfield said...

have TONS of fun this weekend with the eugene peoples. yay! sounds great.

Tricia Potter said...

i'm so happy for you. that sounded like a ton of fun. cool how the car situation worked for you. yay God!