Friday, November 23, 2007

Day of Thanks

14 kids
16 adults
2- 20 lbs turkeys
lots of love
lots of thanks
lots of laughter
lots of food
lots of sweets
lots of fun

Giving ThanksPoor Diddy

The PosseSilly Boys

The Mighty Women
My Beautiful Boys- Bug just got up from a nap
Extremely Silly Men
I hope you all had a great thanksgiving holiday enjoying family and friends, and giving gratitude where it is do.


tricia said...

yay! i loved the post. (and i noticed your profile! goodjob!) i took the one pic of the mob of kids and forgot to take out the camera again! so i got one picture! what a dork i am. it was soooo fun to see you!

bethany canfield said...

wow! this is so neat. it looks like a lot of fun. thanksgiving is such a great holiday.

PS did you cut your hair really short or is that an illusion?

MamaP said...

it's an illusion. i'll have to ook again because i've always wondered what i would look like with really short hair.

mej said...

We were honored to have you and b and the littlenists over. You are wonderfully awesome friends and we love you, love you, love you!!! oh, and yes, poor diddy. :)

crimson warrior said...

this is a premium post. I love your pictures for they are beautiful. Keep up the good work!!!!