Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Thrifting

I'm starting a new section of my blog called "Happy Thrifting", which basically means a place I can post some of the cool stuff I find while thrift store/second hand/garage sale shopping. This section is similar to posts like "Choice Goods Wednesdays" off of my good friend's blog "The Endless Pursuit of Life" . It targets one of the blogger's passions in a constructive way of sharing. Most people who know me, know I love second hand shopping. A large amount of our kids clothes, decorations, my clothes, and our shoes come from this passion. I am ever so thankful for living in Portland right now, because I have ample access to great second hand stores like Buffalo Exchange for me and B, and our favorite kid's shop Sweet Peas, and a handful of amazing antique/thrift stores.

While my finances are happiest with second hand instead of new, I have many other reasons for pursing this activity. It's a way to recycle. I found a pair of brand new looking pair of keen kids sandals at our Goodwill this summer for $2.99, normally around $40 I think, and they would have gone to waste without another kid using them. Instead of these shoes filling up the landfills, they find a happy useful place in our home, thus creating "Happy Thrifting". Another reason is, I love it. How awesome is it to find a pair of Sevens jeans in my size at a garage sale for $20, which happened this summer! The hunt brings excitement.

So enjoy my first posting on Happy Thrifting, my button jar. I found this great piece at an antique fair for around $10-12 and it's about 8 inches tall and 7 inches across, so rather large. Besides it's aesthetic quality, it's become incredible useful for craft projects. Recently, I've been using my button jar almost everyday. Also, I love buttons, so this was great all around. Happy Thrifting!


tricia said...

yay! i love "installments." i'm so excited to see what you find. that button jar is super cute. although i think that because it is so big, it is pushing the "cute" envelope. but i'm sticking with my original adjective.

Eric Steen said...

you should get an iphone so you could be in a thrift store, take pictures, and post it all to your blog before you ever leave the store.

MamaP said...

i should get the iphone. i agree. that sounds brillant. thanks steen. sadly my bank account doesn't like the iphone. i probably stick to the old school method. I know, booooooooring!