Monday, January 14, 2008

A Night out with Mama M

I drove down to the book club with MamaM the other night, and we completely miscalculated how long it would take to make it down to Salem. We ended up in downtown Salem after driving down from Portland in rush hour traffic in about 30-40 mins. I have know idea how that happened, it seems humanly impossible, because the last time we drove it, it took us an hour an a half!? Go figure, well there was an accident, but still.

So with some time to kill, I joked on the phone to another friend Beta that we were going to get tatoos, which caused crazy MamaM to take me seriously as she proceeded to get excited and say that we actually were. No we didn't get tattoos. But she decided to get her nose pierced which she had been wanted to do for a while and mamas just don't get out of the house enough without kiddos.

We drove around till we found a shop, which we found extremely easy. It turned out to be the most sketchiest tattoo/piercing shop I'd been too, but hey, she was just getting her nose pierced and then we were out. We decided without speaking that if one of the men we saw in there was going to do the piercing then it was a no. The burly shirtless, overweight, inked up the wahoo man said that the piercer? (I don't know what to call them) would be back from break, so we hoped for the best and waited. SHE came in a while later, thank heavens and looked relatively normal.

Besides a little decisions about ring or stud, it went very fast and she was great. She told us while giving the piercing that she had been in prison, and three years ago she didn't have any tattoos and now she has 39! Definitely a memorable night, possibly equally memorable because my kids would not go to sleep for their sitter, which caused much anxiousness and many phone calls. Maybe mamas shouldn't go out, just kidding.


bethany canfield said...

very pretty. fun stuff...sorry about the kids crying, that does put a dimmer on things.

Megan Malone said...

ahhh, there are still more adventures to come....