Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Craving Crisp

I've heard a few people talk about "craving crisp" recently which led me, extremely pregnant woman, to "crave crisp" also. Last night, in the middle of dressing the kids for bed, I decided to start making myself some crisp. B had left for worship practice a while before, and I was alone in the parenting duty. The kids busied themselves by practicing cutting on little pieces of foam at the table at 7pm while I threw together a naugthy snack for myself. I had some apples that were about to be on the bad apple side, so threw them in, a nectarine or two, and then some frozen blueberries at the last second.

Put a yummy crisp topping on top, and put it in the oven, while me and the kids had story time. The timer went off right as we finished our last book, put them to bed, and took a look at my yummy feast. It was delicious, and yes I'm that mean to not share it with the kids :) and I had some by myself! Is that even legal? I figure, the kids really don't need any sugar right before bed, and the last time they had crisp they didn't like it, and B wasn't going to be home till 930pm! Something had to be done. The crisp was hot and must be eaten. B did have some when he got home, but crisp isn't his favorite either. I enjoyed every bite, and had some after lunch today too.

I was a good mamma and didn't eat it for breakfast, although it was really hard not to.
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mej said...

mmm....crisp... did you save any for me? :)