Friday, October 24, 2008

"I Could Kick Your Butt" and other thoughts

Recently, while perusing the Target aisles I found my daughter some clearance undershirts that came in a pack of three of white, pink, and lavender. I'd been wanting some ever since my mother in law bought her some when she was 2, but those undershirts are a couple inches above her belly button now. At the time, I thought they were useless, but they turned out to be extremely handy during the winter season. Anyways, she finally has some more, and wears them under her clothes almost everyday. Each time I see them sitting in the laundry basket I think, I should sew something on them, but then I feel silly because nobody will see them under her clothes. Tonight while sweeping the floor, I thought of a shirt idea for them. I was thinking about embroidering on them "I could kick your butt" and "I ain't no sissy." This gave me a good chuckle while I worked away, and then I thought, "No, that's a good idea. That really sums up Lil'b."

Someone reading this might assume that I am very modern and maybe a "little gender bending," if I may use the term, but the humorous thing is I am not. I am also known to have read and enjoyed Mary Pride's The Way Home, devour my "No Greater Joy" magazine when it comes in the mail, and frequent blogs of Christian women known as "living the grid," keepers of the home, help meets, homeschooling etc.

Still, I think that it is a great shirt idea, especially for any energetic little girl, which I happen to have. If you know Lil'B, you know what I mean. I do not think it means she won't be feminine. It's just that she CAN kick your butt and it's sometimes funny (other times not :). I also thought of a shirt for my son, who is quite the momma's boy which would say, "I am a sissy." I think these things are funny. I'm sure someone else might not, but stay tuned for her new shirts. If I ever get around to them, I'll post them on my craft blog.

Other thoughts:

I've been reading a lot about "Off the Grid Living" recently, I find it very intriguing. Could I ever live with a compost toilet or wash my clothes with a bucket and plunger or grow all my own food? I think about these things a lot recently and I have no idea what will become of these thoughts. I like aspects of off the grid living like: low environmental impact, no mortgages, less city government dependence, lots of outdoor times, simple life, more time at home for everyone. B said no compost toilet, and he likes a washing machine. We'll see if he changes his mind.


mej said...

well I think your shirts are a great idea! especially bug's! :) and you can come over here and talk to jenny about all the living off the grid stuff. It WOULD be nice to be able to travel somewhere for 4 months without worrying about bills etc. AND they have a composting toilet, no electricity (right now) and no running water. And, she's friends with Living Alaska (blogger) and recently had a sleep over in which L.A.'s family slept outside in tent that has a wood stove built right in; made for people who live off the grid. Interesting stuff. I don't know how she does it but she is wonderful and takes life at an less demanding speed than the rest of us... just some thoughts.

bethany said...

I have brochures on composting toilets...they are so much better than you would think. amazing.

We'll have one someday, hopefully soon!

MotherGeese said...

For some reason I thought you'd be intrigued by that whole life style=) I was telling Beau about Jenny and Andy last night and I learned that our neighbors grew up that life in alaska and lived about 20 miles apart, and now they are married and going to multnomah-I thought it was a cute story-that they ended up marrying, I'm sure they really understand where each other comes from=)