Friday, October 31, 2008


Recently, I realized that I am going to have a baby soon. Six weeks actually. I've been a little carried away at the thought of meeting this new person, and ignoring the disorganized house in which I am living. I get so excited to have the baby, that I forget about how much work it will be and how I should get some work done around the house before he gets here. So most days I ignore our bedroom, the basement, any closet, any kitchen drawer. They are all my enemy. Oh, and organizing kid's clothes. Don't even get me started. I have a wardrobe of clothes for a boy and a girl through age 6, for only two children age 1 and 4. Seriously. It's a lot to store. But you never know who's coming next, so I'd rather keep it all in case I need it, right?

I've been hearing other pregnant women talk about how they are "nesting." I know what nesting means, but maybe someone else doesn't, so here is a beautiful definition of "nesting." The dream day of a mother!

Nesting :To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.

Or you could think of it as meaning de-cluttering your house of all the crap you don't need and organizing. I do like the first definition, because it is so serene, I will admit that the second is very practical. Combination of both, I'd say. So, I should be nesting, but I rarely feel like nesting, although after reading that first definition, maybe I do. Creating a refuge that's warm and secure for our new little one and the months ahead which contain lots of family time, home time, and rest.

Yesterday, I let lil'b watch a movie(GASP) and Bug napped. With all that free time I thought, I should get something done. I walked into the kitchen and thought, "I'm nesting, what do I do?" Then my mind got overwhelmed with all the little projects I'd love to accomplish before baby gets here, and then...I stopped myself. One thing at a time. One project today. That's easy right? So, I open one drawer and dumped out all it's containments and organized it. It felt good, and I felt like I was nesting.

Before :(

After :)


Andy said...

I can't believe you only have six weeks to go! So very exciting.

MotherGeese said...

yay, the nesting!

Angel said...

Hi! This is Angel, Bethany's sister in law. I believe we are due about the same time! I will be having our little girl 23 Dec if not sooner. Anyway, I totally understand what you are saying about nesting! I have been pretty tired lately, but I have a huge urge to organize whevever I do have some extra energy! When is your due date?

MamaP said...

I am due December 15th! We are really close. I'm so excited for both of us!