Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Stockings are finally done!

I tried to get a good pic and none of these made me really happy, but here they are! i think they are really cute. I thought of a lot of ways that I could put them up like hang them all on a little tree, or post them to a board covered in cute fabric, but I really wanted them hung on a strand. So last night I crocheted the red strand then tied them and finished it off with a button.

I'm not sure if they'll get anything in them this year, but here's some ideas to fill the stockings:

chocolate! of course
love notes
bible verses
little people
little animals(fake of course, come on!)

These are so much fun.

I googled some other ideas for Advent calendars that I thought I'd share with you all.

Click here to see more Creative Advent Calendar Ideas


Andy said...

Wow, they turned out great!! What a wonderful idea.

mej said...

so, so, so cute!!! Im so proud of you for finishing them THIS year...:)

bethany canfield said...
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MamaP said...

yah, thanks girls!

tricia said...

how absolutely adorable! they turned out so cute. i'm definitely gonna make a new advent calendar now (for next year). how can i not with such amazing inspiration!!

UK1BIGBLUE said...

great idea. i was originally looking for ideas to make a wooden house advent calendar, but think I'll make the stockings instead. At least for next year anyway.