Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Albums

Ok, so everyone I know is blogging about Christmas music and I figured I'd jump on the band wagon. One album I have yet to see on the lists is my number one fav and so dear to my heart, Sufjan Stevens' Christmas Album. It comes in a five disc package. Yep, five, you heard me right.
Vol. 1 Noel
Vol. 2 Hark
Vol. 3 Ding! Dong!
Vol. 4 Joy!
Vol. 5 Peace!

It covers all the classic and adds some great new ones like "Come on! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!", "That was the worst Christmas ever!", "We're Goin' to Country", and "Sister Winter", and the list goes one. This album was an awakening to me. I must admit that in the past I have been a little of a Christmas scrooge. I hated Christmas music. Walking down the street I was bombarded with music blaring from outdoor speakers set up by local business shops and I loathed the month of December radio. Every station thinking it's so cute to put a little bit of Christmas music in the mix, not understanding that not everyone enjoys Christmas music(double negative, excuse me). How many times can a person listen to "Hark Here The Bells" and sit through that annoyingly high screeching part? But then, last year my husband had to buy this CD. I didn't want him to at first, due to my disdain for Christmas music, but he convinced me this one would be different, and it is. It's amazing and yes you want to listen to it year round. Gets you in the Christmas spirit with just the right mix of Christmas peppiness and reverence. I'm so glad he bought it, because it's awakened a new enjoyment of Christmas music. I would recommend this to anyone.

You can buy it here. (Click here)
I've seen some places with free downloads too, but if you can, support Sufjan.


bethany canfield said...

i love this one!! B told me about it and I love it!!! I want to get it on itunes...for 15 dolla....but it doesn't come with the bonus stuff. is that really that important??? what do ya think???

MamaP said...

the extras are really fun. There's some great stickers and a really funny poster of Sufjan this girl and a kid, I think his sister and nephew? Anyway, they are fun but not necessary. But if you are going to buy it, it's not much more to get the box. I'd get the box. It has some really neat artwork. I think there's a comic strip too.

mej said...

ah, yes, sufjan. I am sure we would love it. Thanks for the suggestion.

bethany canfield said...

WE GOT IT!!! yes, way neat.