Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Crafts

I have tons of tiny stockings around the house right now, twenty five to be exact. I think the actual Advent Calendar is not really twenty five which bothers me, but I decided it looked better to have 1-25. They are still in the process, and it feels like this project is taking too long. Currently, I'm working on sewing the numbers on, then they have to be strung somehow to a strand. I'm too behind for this year, but next year it'll be ready to go. I just can't seem to get into the Christmas Spirit till after Thanksgiving.

While, I was sewing the stockings, Belle came and sat next to me, and I let here cut up extra felt and yarn. She concentrated so hard, working on the floor with me for 40 minutes or so. She thought it was great. I can't wait till she can do these things with me. She really wanted to sew, but needles and three year olds? I don't think so.

I'll post a new pic once they are done and on the wall.

Last year I made us all new stockings which was really fun. Not to far from of house is the Pendleton Wool store, and they have these bins where you can buy craps of wool fabrics for somewhere around $1.25 a pound. It's awesome, so that's where a lot of the plaids in my Advent stockings came from and some of the fabric on the family stockings.

I really love Christmas crafts. I'm not sure what draws me to them, but I seem to get into them more than other holidays, maybe it's because it's too cold to go outside.


crimson warrior said...

You're so crafty!! I say you give Belle the needle and thread now and let her learn the hard way. She will become a much better seamstress in the end. I also loved your description "craps of wool." Made me laugh a lot. Yess. I will definitely be using that one.

mej said...

I loved the "craps of wool" as well. these are looking so great, mama! I am excited to see the final result. You certainly do have a good eye for the creative and decorate your house so lovely. It is always peaceful and inviting, no matter what the season.

bethany canfield said...

i remember when you were looking at these last year...i LOVE THEM!! are you going to put things in them or just as a decoration. I have been looking for a good advent thingy...haven't found the right one yet.
where did you find this idea? I thought you said some magazine or something.

MamaP said...

I got this idea off a site called It has tons of fun stuff for kids and mamas, but it's been out of commission for a year, but the idea actually came from another blogger that kiddley posted about here's the link the post about stockings.

Yes I plan to actually use them. Today I finished embroidering on the numbers, maybe I'll put buttons. Don't know.

I'm so glad you guys thought they were cute.

tricia said...

they're not just cute, they're *ADORABLE*!! I love it. I have an advent thing but it's ugly and I'm trying to figure out something else. It looks like I've got to get me some craps of wool. *snicker, snicker*

I can't get in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving, either. It's just not right.