Friday, December 14, 2007

Here's Another Good One

This one is so classic. I had to put it up there. If you don't know Bing Crosby, you should, especially in the field of Christmas albums. This has all the greats, with Bing's beautiful crooner voice, some slow and beautiful like Silent Night, and some extra festive like Jingle Bells. A few of the songs have the wonderful Andrew Sisters, referred to as the singing sweethearts of World War II who also sang " Mr. Sandman" and "The Boogle Woogy Buggle Boy", whose "engaging harmonies" bring energy and spunk . Here they are in all their glory. If you haven't heard this album and you enjoy Christmas music, you should give it a listen.


tricia said...

i love, love, love the Andrews Sisters. they have this song called "hold tight," that i love. did i mention that i love them? i do. i love the andrews sisters.

Luke Zedwick said...

is that you in the middle? cool tie.