Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday 2007 Update

Here's a ton of pics from the Holidays!
We got a box from Amazon which became a boat, obviously, which made for great brother and sister time. Here's lil'b smothering Bug, inspecting Bug, scaring Bug, and sharing box with Bug.

Here's Christmas time B.

Belle in a box.

Beam time Christmas!
Grandma Mern and Lil' B
Here's my moo making Buttermilk pancakes, and my uncle, who's awesome, and brother Max playing with the Nerf gun we bought him.

It snowed!!!!

Handsome Bug

This is the face he makes all the time now.

Here we are.


crimson warrior said...

Man those are some good angles!! Keep it up P, oh wait, I took a few of those too. Let's both keep it up!

tricia said...

p, i love that one with you and bug. everything about that picture is so classic. it's one of those pictures that will be beautiful forever because there isn't anything that puts a time stamp on it. it's doesn't hurt that you're gorgeous, either!!

bethany canfield said...

sweet, sweet family!

bethany canfield said...

it was a HUGE bummer that you were not at the chalupsky's...big things happend that I know you would have loved to be there for. there is always next was good stuff though.

Anonymous said...

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