Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saturday Mornings, Xmas Decorating

Where to even start with this pic. It's me hiding from B chasing me with a camera very late at night. Kind of look like the headless horseman.
Silly lil'b

Saturday mornings we usually do a big homemade breakfast of pancakes, waffles, or french toast. This Saturday was obviously pancakes and not only pancakes, but Mickie Mouse pancakes. Anyone ever had these when you were younger? My grandma would make these when we'd come and visit her in Lake Tahoe. They were the best. I had to tell Belle who this was but when I did she just lighted up! So fun.

This is the double scarfing pic. Notice how J and B are shoving yummy pancakes simultaneously. Priceless.

Stockings I made last year.
Decorating fun!

Here's the finished tree, yes it's a really crappy pic.

Random pic from Bryson's recent show in NE Portland. Here's some of Ezra Carey and band. B is behind the violin player.

I'm thinking about combining my pages of Ginger and Pickles(my kids) and Rambling Rose and just start posting all of it here. I don't think I blog enough to have two.


bethany canfield said...

yay...i love mornings like this one. i love your stockings too...great job.

mej said...

why are you so cool? :) I love your stockings and DONT EVEN TELL ME YOU made those birds!?!?

tricia said...

i agree with mej, you are so cool. those stockings are a-do-rah-bull. there is nothing that i like better than holding a lit bundle of lights in my hands. they're so pretty. lil'b and i are kindred spirits.

MamaP said...

those little birds are mine. newest creation after our afternoon of craft viewing and inspiring.

crimson warrior said...

What a great post. I think you should combine the two blogs. Simplify.